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Hashing ad space is a new advertising company in its soft launch that’s offering valuable advertising with substantial crypto currency income. See how a visitor of this website was able to withdraw $237.52 from his hashing ad space account without investing anything in the beginning. Below is the picture the visitor sent. hashing ad space

According to the picture, he withdrew from his hashing ad space account $113.07+$124.45= $ 237.52. Nice money right? especially when he didn’t invest anything. The visitor made this kind of money without invest any penny or chase anyone or family members. Want to know how he made the money? keep reading!

Their Advertising System allows you to purchase Advertising Packages and have your website displayed to our members. You can also MAKE MONEY for FREE every day investing nothing and sponsoring no one. This for a limited time. Hurry!!! If this is what you want, Check the section “How do you earn ” below!

That being said, let Luke Millard defines in its own word how the advertising system works:

Choose between our Advertising Block products: Login Ads, Banner Ads and Ad Minter, all $20 each Set up your campaign and we will do the rest. We deliver views from qualified buyers directly to your website within our unique Ad Minting Platform!

We know what we are

We are an online advertising platform that attracts people with common interests. Everyone is interested in home-based business, either attracting leads for growing their business or simply earning from watching ads Knowing this. We expect our members would be interested in:

1. Making money online offers

2. Affiliate offers

3. Tools

4. Resources

5. Training for online business

6. Crypto currency

You know who will be viewing your website and ideas and therefore, can expect a far more reactive audience, as a result, This knowledge of our user base is what makes our advertising superior to others.

How do you earn?

STEP 1: Click here to create your free account

STEP 2: View ad daily to start earning daily asimi token

STEP 3: Convert Asimi Token To BTC (Earn 5-10 Dollar Per Day)

Want to view more ads and make more money daily keep reading!

What do you mean by “minting”?

Minting crypto currency, is the act of bringing new tokens into existence. This is what makes Hashing Ad Space unique. We pay members for watching ads. It is the act of watching ads that “mints” crypto currency tokens each day. This minting is the creation of new tokens to the marketplace. “Asimi” is the crypto currency we mint on Hashing Ad Space We award Asimi to everyone who has watched ads on our platform that day, and every ad watched receives an equal share. The more ads you watch, the greater your share in the Asimi minted that day and paid directly into your wallet. You can mint 1 ad per day for FREE You can increase your minting ability through purchasing our Minting packages. Every Minting package you purchase allows you to mint 1 ad per day for 365 days. Each package costs $100 purchased in Asimi, 100% of which, is returned to your wallet over the period of 365 days.

This makes each Minting Booster package essentially FREE to own, plus generates profit as it qualifies you for a greater share of the newly minted Asimi each day. There is no limit to the amount of profit your Minting package can generate. You can purchase as many of these Minting Booster packages as you choose.

Minting Booster packages play an important role in our business and token ecosystem. They generate additional profits for our members watching ads, keep our Asimi token eco-system robust, and ensure our membership is truly interested in online business – which guarantees a valuable viewing audience for our advertisers We are rewarding the members that are most committed to our business: People that spend money advertising and minting with us, and people that spend time minting ads.

Sustainability with value

Hashing Ad Space is built for a lifelong income. Our minting rewards schedule runs for over 100 years, This is a REAL business with a true value proposition. Our core product is advertising, and it’s the Hashing Ad Space minters that make the advertising so valuable. Our minting rewards bring people to the advertising platform, they spend time there and watch ads, adding value to the advertising community, and being rewarded to do so (making money) The system grows organically. People want to mint crypto simply to make money from home. This builds the audience. The more people viewing ads, the more valuable the advertising becomes, the more people want to come and advertise, the more advertising they purchase, the more profitable the business, the more we can pay to our minters. This is the benefit of providing both services on one platform. There is great value here for both the advertiser, and minter. Our business will only become more valuable with time.

How To Secure Your Position 100% FREE And Start To Earn Daily

STEP 1: Click here to create your free account

STEP 2: View ad daily to start earning daily asimi token

STEP 3: Convert Asimi Token To BTC (Earn 5-10 Dollar Per Day)

Please note: To learn more about how the platform works, watch this video!

So Happy Earning Dude! 

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